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The Honeycomb Club

Welcome to The Honeycomb Club (THC) – A premium cannabis experience.

The Honeycomb Club

The Honeycomb Club (THC) sells cannabis (CBD – non psychoactive) to users in the South African market. THC’s goal is to provide the best cannabis products available, in a safe, legal and comfortable environment. Our adult-only store features state of the art technology with forward-looking green practices. Security and safety are critical components of our operations. We procure and sell a recognisable
retail brand of excellence, with products that are SAHPRA approved, professionally processed and packaged.


Premium cannabis experience

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About Us

The Honeycomb Club (THC) is, at our core, a cannabis club that believes in the scientifically backed benefits that are to be drawn from the cannabis plant holistically and one that intends to make cannabis available to the communities that we serve in a safe and legal manner. We will always remain respectful and vigilant with regards to the country’s laws during this evolution towards legalisation.

It is our intention to eventually make available products containing a significant amount of THC. That being said, The Honeycomb Club believes in the benefits that can be drawn from a cannabis plant containing the legal amount of THC as things stand. As such, we have embarked on our mission – To make available the best quality cannabis products.

We will help people feel better everyday. High-CBD, low-THC means all the benefits and none of the common negative side effects like anxiety and paranoia. We have been breeding and growing high CBD cannabis for over 7 years, and are excited to finally offer these revolutionary products to people all over the world.

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